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Alison Pebworth: Beautiful Possibility 6.7 – 7.28



Alison Pebworth brings her traveling exhibition and research project to LCCM. Beautiful Possibility takes the prototype of the 19th century American Traveling show as inspiration for engaging others about what it means to be American.

Please join us to celebrate the opening of Beautiful Possibility on June 7, 5-8 PM at Lost Coast Culture Machine.


Artist Talk & Training Session
Saturday, June 8, 1 PM


The Beautiful Possibility exhibition includes ten painted banners, a large painted travel map that layers pre-European native territories and contemporary highways, and an interactive survey station. Pebworth “re-tells” American history in the hand-painted banners she exhibits by mixing eras, integrating obscure and popular figures and linking historic myths and contemporary culture.

Since 2010 Pebworth has toured with the show to over twenty five venues, living in a travel trailer for this solo journey, presenting her work, collecting surveys, and developing site specific projects that focused on hands-on interactions.

The survey station illuminates a once popularly recognized nervous condition known as “Americanitis” first described in 1861 by neurologist George M. Beard and later exploited by Medicine Shows that peddled Americanitis Elixirs to “relieve stress and calm the nerves.” From coast to coast, in rural and urban settings, survey participants have weighed in on whether Americanitis is a recognizable ailment today and opined on possible causes, symptoms, and cures.

Volunteers are needed to help expand the Beautiful Possibility Project from a traveling exhibition and research project to a data driven exhibition of charts and diagrams that reflect the interactive input of thousands. Hand-written surveys collected on this three-year journey are now ready to be entered into a program for statistical tabulations and developed into hand painted diagrams that reflect our collective view on health and the American lifestyle. A training session will be held for volunteers following the artist talk on June 8th. Please contact LCCM if you are interested in participating.