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Bandits, Pirates & Outlaws 10.1–11.28 2010

Bandits, Pirates and OutlawsBandits, Pirates & Outlaws

LCCM’s fourth exhibition through November 28th.
This exhibit celebrates the mid-term election season & invites us to re-evaluate our icons and our terms. Who are the bandits? Who are the outlaws? Could everyone be a pirate? In a land where torture is justified, theft is O.K., and greed is good, who’s Pretty Boy Floyd? Who’s Timothy Geithner? or John Yoo or Jack Sparrow? Who is Milton Friedman? The artists of BANDITS, PIRATES, & OUTLAWS expose the protagonists of this moment that no artist would dare imagine outside of their American nightmares and dreams. Peter Drake’s video War Stories exhibits a history of war and conquest starring animated, antique lead soldiers of the conquered and conquerors Click here to view Peter Drake’s War Stories. David Fox expresses an activist art of protest and outrage that calls out those responsible. His paintings of both the violators and the abused have recently appeared in Harper’s Magazine. Dumitru Gorzo gives us the historical equivalent of a Romanian Robin Hood: bandit, terrorist, outlaw, and hero, sculpted into a single painting, and Kristian Kozul presents us with two gloriously dark idols, one Captain of Industry, one Anonymous. James Paulsen contributes silly rabbits, cherry Kool-Aid, and pink zombies alongside some of our nation’s most radical presidents and politicians, while Alison Wong captures some of Mother Nature’s stock villains and anti-heroes in the throes of adorable, romantic love. Finally, professional corporate-blight avengers Billboard Liberation Front exhibit their manual for billboard improvement alongside some blowups of their best work, past and present.