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Arrested Growth: Installation by Bob Rhoades 3.1 – 4.28, 2013

Arrested Growth: Installation by Bob Rhoades
Ongong – April 28, 2013

Arrested Growth represents a shift in Rhoades’ practice from academic art making to an organic response to the local environs – specifically the artist’s garden, where line, color, form, space and light present themselves in continuing transformation with growth, death and seasonal change.… Read More

Lana Fee Rasmussen: Grounding 2.1 – 3.24 2013

Opening Reception: Friday, Feb. 1, 2013, 5–9 PM

In her exhibition Grounding, Lana Fee Rasmussen reflects on how her transitory lifestyle of the past eight years has shaped the way she works today.  Her images mirror the simple things that ground her to her finite homes and spaces, if only for awhile, and here at LCCM, Lana draws on these grounding forms to create another, much larger, impermanent home, directly on the gallery walls.… Read More

Bandits, Pirates & Outlaws 10.1–11.28 2010

Bandits, Pirates & Outlaws

LCCM’s fourth exhibition through November 28th.
This exhibit celebrates the mid-term election season & invites us to re-evaluate our icons and our terms. Who are the bandits? Who are the outlaws? Could everyone be a pirate? In a land where torture is justified, theft is O.K., and greed is good, who’s Pretty Boy Floyd?… Read More

Everything Never Goes Away – through 8.6 2010

Opens Friday @ LCCM – Hope to see you here!
Reception Friday, August 6, from 5-9 pm

EVERYTHING NEVER GOES AWAY is planned to coincide with California Coastal Cleanup Day on September 25 & riffs on the various associations between our ways of life and our trash: environmental degradation, chemical pollutants, waste management systems, refuse & recycling, plastics & the Pacific gyre, offshore oil drilling &, as if on cue, our horrific mess in the Gulf of Mexico.… Read More

Paper! 6.4 – 8.1 2010

June 4 – August 1, 2010

PAPER! presents artists & collectives whose practice emphasizes paper as a material for working with, rather than for working on - both as an art medium and as an indispensible means for the communication of ideas and experiences.… Read More

Culture? 4.2–5.31 2010

April 2 –May 31, 2010

Featuring the work of Kyle Butler (Buffalo, New York), Ross Campbell (Oakland), Chris Coleman (Denver), Jennifer Teter (Quincy, Illinois), Jesse Wiedel (Eureka), & Pam Ybanez (Berkeley), Culture? intends to expand conceptions of the word “culture” with work that comments on our contemporary landscapes, insinuates viral growth, and speaks about culture in terms of cultivation and activity.… Read More