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LCCM News Archive

> Read a fun recent post on Walking Fort Bragg, a blog by Ron Bloomquist, featuring LCCM.

> Read 36 Hours on the Mendocino Coast, an article in the New York Times, featuring LCCM.

> Watch the LCCM interview on Coast Currents, a community produced periodical show.

> Listen to a radio interview with Anne Beck of LCCM on ‘The Family Connection’.
January 6,2011: Laviva talks with Anne Beck of the Lost Coast Cultural Machine in Fort Bragg, an artist-run culture space, papermaking facility & shop focusing on interdisciplinary & sustainable creative practice and with Ron Nadeau from the Spirit House Center for Attitudinal Healing, a non-profit, charitable organization that offers services to those touched by catastrophic illness.

The Family Connection, Hosted by Laviva Dakers, The Family Connection airs every other Thursday at 9 AM.